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Achutamanasa, an impassioned danseuse,has a passion for social service.Her desire to share Indian classical arts with the next generation, especially for the downtrodden communities unable to afford it, led to the initiative of the programme “Kuchipudi-Mylife”–a free education campaign by Achutamanasa was started on August 15th,2010 when she happened to meet many Girl child left outs at children/state homes of Govt whom she considers as sisters- friends rather than students. 

"Few performances of Students of kuchipudi-mylife":

  • Debut performance of these students happened on Jan 26th 2011 on Republic day celebrations at collectorate with the blessings of many dignitaries from state.
  • Also Performed on Womens day with “VANDE MATARAM” song in Kuchipudi -group, to an audience of over Two thousand,dominantly Girl children-women amongst them.
  • Students of “Kuchipudi-Mylife” also performed Brahmanjali slokas-“Guru Brahma” & “Angikam Bhuvanam yasya” along with ‘Vande mataram ‘as part of Childrens day-2012 at Ravindrabharati,Hyderabad.
  • One of the Students named Shanti Priya is awarded First Prize in State level Painting Competition-2013 held on occasion of International Day for Biological Diversity at A.P Forest Academy.
  • Few Students have participated in The Hindu and several other Painting competitions so far.
  • One of her Students named Shanti priya received "Bala Ratna"Award from Hon'ble Chief Minister Sri Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy of Andhrapradesh  on Children's day celebrations in the field of creative art
  • One of her student SHANTI PRIYA of KUCHIPUDI-MY LIFE initiative recieved the most Prestigious " National Bal Bhavan's Bal Shree award "on 3-2-2016 at New Delhi(The Bal Shree Honour is the highest honour awarded to creative children excelled in the field of arts in India). Having resigned her job@an MNC as a S/w engineer, to render her services to the arts & to the people of my nation-INDIA, she reached a higher dimension with this achivement boosting her powers to the next-higher-better level of being human.

Thanx a ton for all your blessings dear art lovers & Well-Wishers and thanx a ton for buying our KUCHIPUDI NRITYABHINAYA VEDAM-MOKSHA MARGAM DVDS(vol1 &2) by which you are directly or indirectly supporting these girls for their art and social education, as you know the purpose of DVDs is to share the art to the posterity and also the profits earned through these dvds will be shared with the children of #Kuchipudi-mylife initiative whom achutamanasa has been teaching(Kuchipudi,painting&social studies) since 2010.So,Its our success on a whole.Keep blessing.

As Achutamanasa believes to Go where she is most needed rather than where she is most rewarded,she travels all the way to the children/statehomes of Govt and shares. Through this initiative more than 50 Children are taking access to this education that imparts wisdom along with knowledge. This programme initiative is dedicated in imparting wholesome and disciplined training in finearts education and as well as social education( from class I to X). She advocates Kuchipudi (arts)as not only a means of entertainment but as a mode of education and way of life that results in the well being of individuals and the nation ,which paves the way for wisdom where - there is only cooperation but no competition that promulgates the Peace of the world.

Keep loving Our Kuchipudi-Our classical arts of India.Whereever or whatever ,region doesnt matter.On the whole "it is the culture of India". And We Indians rather We 'humanbeings' shouldn’t forget our roots-our mother-our mother land-mother nature-mother culture!!We should rather ,say we must respect our culture and we will.Because, respecting our culture is respecting ourselves!






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