Few memorable Performances :   

  • Performed Kuchipudi Solo recital-“Bhaje Venkatesam” as part of T.T.D’s Naada neerajanam infront of Sanctorum of Lord Venkateswara in Tirumala,telecasted live on March 26th,2016 worldwide.
  • First time ever in the history of classical dance performed “Temple Ritual  Dance - Prekhini Natyam” solo recital (simhanandini, mayurakavthavm, mahalakshmi udbhavam- Dancer paints a picture though footwork) on dec 20th,2015 at kalabharati, vizag and is hounoured and felicitated by Minister for education Sri Ganta Srinivasa Rao and Minister for HR and Culture Sri Palle Raghunath Reddy.
  • First time ever in the history of Kuchipudi Performed “Padmavati Kalapam” as part of T.T.D’s PAdmavati Karthika Brahmotsavams-2016,which has got huge applause and was telecasted no of times by SVBC & D.D.
  • Released Kuchipudi DVDS(vol1 & 2) named "Kuchipudi Nrityabhinaya Vedam-Moksha Margam" in Telangana,Ravindrabharati,Hyderabad on March 15th,2015 by H.H.Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji,Ganta Srinivasa rao garu-Honble Minister for education and in Andhrapradesh,KalaBharati,Vizag on May 17th by H.H Viswa yogiViswam ji and Padmasri K.Viswanath garu with a roaring success.
  • Choreographed and Performed Kathak as part of 'Essence of life' on Jiddu Krishnamoorty at Rishivalley-Rishivalley school,Bangalore -chowdiah hall,Hyderabad-TajVivanta,Om Santi-Mount Abhu on Worlds meditation day, Auroville-Pondycherry TATA Theatre, NCPA, Mumbai in 2013-2014 respectively.
  • Performed Solo Kuchipudi Dance theatre "Pamavati Parinayam" for T.T.D's Padmavathi Karthika Brahmotsavam,Astanamandapam,Tiruchanoor.
  • Performed as Sri Lord Venkateswara in 'Alimelumanga vilsam' ballet for T.T.D's Padmavati Karthika Brahmotsavam,Mahati Auditorium,Tirupati,2014.
  • Performed Kuchipudi and Prenkini Natyam-Simhanandhini at Kuwait,Organized by Telugu Kala Samiti 2013
  • 11th Ekamra dance festival-2013,Bhubaneshwar,Odisha
  • Hyderabad Heritage festival - 2013, Chowmohalla palace, Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh
  • 4th Laxman Garnaik Smruti-International dance and music festival- ANTARJATIKA NRUTYA SANGEET SAMAROHA-2013,Cutuck,Odisha
  • Performed-Played as Sita in “Sita Kalyanam”- A kuchipudi ballet, for T.T.D’s Naadhaneerjanam,which got telecasted worldwide in SVBC channel, Tirumala, Tirupati, Andhrapradesh, India-2012.
  • Invited As a Speaker to speak on Sustainable Development at IIIT And as a Kuchipudi Danseuse at ISB for UXINDIA-International Conference on User Experience Design, Hyderabad,Andhrapradesh, India, 2012.
  • Performed in “Prapancha Telugu Mahotsav-World Telugu Festival:Kuchipudi solo recital” -2012, Andhrapradesh.
  • Performed Kathak as part of ‘Kathak Nritya vikas-2012’  and was felicitated by Dada Saheb Phalke Award "Akkineni Nageswara Rao-Indian Famous Film actor" who recognized and blessed her as a "Wonderful Kathak performer"
  • Performed Kathak as part of ‘Kathak Nritya Pravesh’- 2011 and was felicitatedby the senior cabinet minister of congress Sri Kasu Krishna Reddy and by Padmabhushan awardee Sri Potturi Venkateswara rao along with many other eminent personalities who praised achutamanasa that she performed with par excellence with stupendous grace,ease and agility .
  • Approved as a ‘Member of International Dance Council CID- UNESCO’ for the year 2011 and was invited to give performance representing our country, ‘India’, for the 31st World Congress on Dance Research at Didimotiho, Greece.
  • Performed in a ballet named "NAUKA CHARITHAM", telecasted in Doordharshan on Jan 6th, 2010.
  • Performed  KUCHIPUDI solo recital in "KUCHIPUDI Utsav" organized by smt.Manju Bargavee garu on behalf of her institute Natyavedham, Banglore, 2010.
  • Performed a solo recital under Guru.Sri.Chinta Adinaraya Sarma at Haailand, on the occasion of Bhudhapurnima fest, Guntur - Vijayawada, 2010.
  • Performed and played as “Bharatamaata” in a ballet named “Samaykya Bharathi” on the occasion of Independence day, Aug-15th, 2010.
  • Performed and played as Lord Krishna in a ballet named "NAUKA CHARITHAM",under Guru Sri Mahankali Suryanarayana Sarma in 105th Annual Celebrations of “SARASWATHI GANA SABHA" on the occasion of Dasara Dance and Music festival, October, 2010.
  • Organized and Performed kuchipudi solo recital-"NRITHYABHINAYA VEDHAM" to benefit downtrodden and mentally challenged, on Feb 5th, 2011 at Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Performed Kuchipudi on “Narayanatheertha Tharangams” and played a lead role as “Rukmini” in Rukmini Kalayanam Kuchipudi ballet in Birthcelebrations of Narayanatheertha for Sri Kanchikamakoti Peeta at SriVenkateswara Swami Devastanam Temple, Brindhavan Gardens, Guntur on Feb 13th, 2011.
  • Played the role of Mohini in "Mohini Basmasura"- Kuchipudiballet under Guru Sri MahankaliSuryanarayaSarma on Feb 20th, 2011, Guntur.
  • "VISWA NRITHYARCHANA" - A Kuchipudi solo recital was performed in Viswanagar, Guntur in front of his holiness Guru Sri Viswayogi Viswamji on the occasion of his Birthday celebrations.She  was felicitated and declared as “Natyamayuri” by H.H.Viswamji on March 3rd, 2011.
  • For the first time ever, a solo dance recital  was organized by Sri Kanchikamakoti Peeta for Dwadhasa Varshika Brahmotsavam at Sri Venkateswara Swami Devastanam Temple, Brindhavan Gardens,Guntur, in which a Kuchipudi Solo Recital-'Annamacharya Keerthanas' was performed for 1 and 1/2 hrs on 14/05/2011
  • Acted as Durga Maatha-Mahishasura Mardhini in a telefilm made for the purpose of 'Gangamma Jathara", Tirupati in 2002.
  • Gave a Kuchipudi recital in Venkayya swamy festival, Kalanjali arts and was felicitated by Cultural Minister Sri Chandra Mouli, Film Director Nageswarareddy at Nellore, 2003. A solo recital named "Mahishasura Mardhini" was applauded all over Nellore (people-press) by referring her to as "Mahishasura mardhini fame".
  • Presented KUCHIPUDI solo recital for 2 ½ hrs(Only annamacharya
    keerthanas) in Chennai Music Academy, organized by TTD, Chennai, 2006.
  • Performed Kuchipudi in World Telugu Federation, Banglore, 2006.
  • Performed on the occasion of the All-India Crafts Mela, Silparamam, Hyderabad, 2007.
  • Gave a Kuchipudi performance on the occasion of Andhra Pradesh Formation Day in which the then Chief Minister, Late. Sri. Rajashekar Reddy was the chief guest of the festival at Ravindhra Bharati, Hyderabad, 2007.
  • Performed KUCHIPUDI solo recital for 2hrs and honoured in 105th Annual Celebrations of “SARASWATHI GANA SABHA" on the occasion of Dasara Dance and Music festival on 9th October, 2008.
  • Felicitated by the maestro "PADMABHUSHAN DR. VEMPATI CHINNA SATYAM after performing KUCHIPUDI for 1 hr in front of him on his 80th birthday celebrations at KUCHIPUDI village, Andhra Pradesh in 2008.
  • Won DoorDarshan T.V. Channel "Muvvala savvadi" episode and also Performed in "DASARA SPECIAL" episode of muvvala savvadi in 2008 and received blessings from Guru Sri Radheysam ,Film playback singer Smt.Suseela.
  • Played a key role as "Bharatha Maatha" in a ballet "Samaykya Bharathi" and was appreciated by Sri. M.S Satyanarayana and Sri. Narayanareddy.
  • Performed thrice in teleschool, DoorDharshan episodes describing national integration of INDIA in 2009.
  • Performed as a main lead in a telefilm, a KUCHIPUDI nrithya ruupakam named “MUVVA”, Dhoordharshan, 2009.
  • Performed and rendered voice over in a Documentary, entitled" Vijayanagara Sourabham” directed by Dr. Krishna Rao Kesav, film director, Hyderabad in 2009.
  • Performed in “Southern Zone Cultural Central Thanjavur” at Ravindhra Bharati, Hyderabad and bagged commendation Certificate and a memento in classical dance-"KUCHIPUDI” from His Excellency C. Rangarajan, Governor of A.P. in 2000
  • Kuchipudi solo recital in ISKCON's Krishnashtami celebrations and was felicitated by His Holiness Jayapataka swami: Senior international GBC member of Iskcon, Tirupati in 2000. It received a great applause for the annamayya kriti "Kadhiri Nrusimhudu" which is even remembered by them till today.
  • Performed KUCHIPUDI at S.V. University, Tirupati in 2001 on the occasion of 67th Annual meeting of Indian academy of Sciences, and was felicitated by Kasthuri Rangan Former Chairman of ISRO and was also applauded by 97 scientists for her display


  • Performed KUCHIPUDI and was felicitated by Kasthuri Rangan,(Former ISRO Chairman), on 67th Annual meeting of Indian academy of Sciences, wherein 97 scientists applauded in S.V university, Tirupati, 2001.
  • Performed KUCHIPUDI solo recital for 1+ hrs and was felicitated by Ms.Arun Jaitely, Union law minister, Tirupati, 2001.
  • Performed thrice in Urban Haat’s Crafts mela, (Silparamam), Tirupati, 2001 & 02.
  • Performed  Bharatanatyam at Sri.Thyagaraja Mandapam, Tirupati on the occasion of Diamond Jublie Celebrations Of “ SRI THYAGARAJA UTSAV”, 2002.
  • Performed Bharatanatyam at Sri Annamacharya Kala Mandhiram, Tirupati on annual Brahmotsavam of Sri Venkateswara swamy in 2002.
  • A Kuchipudi solo recital in Kanaka Durga Temple (Indhrakiladhri) for 1 hr at the age of 8, in Dasara Festival, Vijayawada, 1996.


Ballets and Bhrundha Natyams perfomed :

Participated and played a key role in the following dance dramas and bagged several prizes

  • Prakruthi Saranam Gachami (AIR & DD)
  • Mother Theressa (AIR)
  • Gopika Krishna duet
  • Mohini Bhasmasura (Kalanilayam, Chilakaluripeta in 1998 First Prize)
  • Tharakasura Samharam (Kalanilayam in 2000 First Prize)
  • Samaikya Bharathi (Role:Bharata Mata)
  • Muvva.(D.D)
  • Nauka Charitham(D.D &Saraswathi Gana Sabha,Role:Krishna)
  • Bhudham saranam gachami (D.D)
  • Tungabhadhra (D.D)
  • Narayana theertha tharangams
  • Sri Narayana Teertha's Rukmini kalyam (Role-Rukmini)
  • Sita Kalyanam (role-Sita, telecasted in SVBC’sNaadaneerajanam)




"We understood annamaya keerthanas more easily with more clarity, grasped the inner meaning of each and every word visually through your Kuchipudi to annamaya krithis rather than by listening to the songs so far."
                                                                     -Chennai Music academy, Chennai.

 "Achutamanasa has a very long life in Kuchipudi"
                                              -Sri. KasthuriRangan, Former ISRO Chairman.


"Annamacharya born to write songs on Lord.Venkateswara,Sri.BalaKrishnaPrasad born to sing those annamaya songs and Achutamanasa born to dance Kuchipudi for annamaya krithis ."
              Sri. Madasani Mohan,Annamacharya Project Director, -TTD.

"I whole heartedly bless Achutamanasa to become as great as Kamala Lakshman, who was the then Asthana narthaki for the Government of India and after her, after many years of gap now I wish you would become the “Asthana narthaki of India” soon by resetting the records and by creating a history”

                                        Sri Pattabhi,Harikatha Exponent,   -TTD.

"Achutamanasa has a fantastic personality and a unique feature of stage abundance,which is rarely found in artists.On a whole she has got a fantastic talent."
                                                                                                                                                                        --- Sri Krishnaswami,Thyagaraja Utsav.

"“There are 2 types of Audiences.Type A:Applauds,Type B:Speechless with happy tears.I am Type B today. Achutamanasa mesmerized us and made us speechless”"
                                                                                                                                                                        --- Padma Sri K.Viswanath,Telugu Film Director.