Achutamanasa, an impassioned danseuse,has a zest for social service. She has started a programme “Kuchipudi My Life” where in  teaching rather ,sharing Kuchipudi is experienced by her with children, aspirants  belonging to downtrodden communities unable to afford it. She advocates Kuchipudi as not only   a means of entertainment but as a mode of education and life that results in the well being of individuals and the nation ,which paves the way for wisdom where - there is only cooperation but no competition that  promulgates the Peace of the world. 

Keep loving Kuchipudi. Whereever or whatever ,region doesnt matter.On the whole "it is the culture of India".we are Indians .....and we 'humanbeings' belong to this World.We should rather ,say we must respect our culture and we will.Because, respecting our culture is respecting ourselves!





    Andhra Pradesh, India.

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